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Kewra Oil

Botanical Name:

Pandanus fascicularis.

Country of Origin:


Methods Of Extraction:

Steam Distillation process

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Kewra Oil

100% Natural and Pure Kewra Oil

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Botanical Name

Pandanus fascicularis.

Method of Extraction

Steam Distillation process

Part Of Plant Used





This oil shows fixative properties and hence, it is used in perfumery industry. Its watery distillate is widely used in the preparation of flavorings. In India as well as Southeast Asia, it is widely used as a flavoring agent in drink, desserts as well as meat. Apart from treating rheumatism and headache, it is also used in aromatherapy applications.

Strength of Aroma





Kewra is a shrub that is brought from southern Asia to Taiwan, Ryuku Islands, and Japan. It contains fragrant flowers. The ripe fruits of Kewra owe their fragrance to Easters: geranyl acetate, isopentenyl, dimethyl allyl acetates and cinnamates.

Aromatic Scent

Kewra oil has a rose like fragrance


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Brief introduction about Kewra Oil 


There are varieties of oils in the market, but choosing the best among them is indeed a daunting task. Whatever you choose is simply wastage of money, unless it is beneficial for you. This is simply because of its nice and sweet flowery fragrance. It is extracted from Kewra and it is a major ingredient of cosmetics and perfumes. 


Kewra oil- the most useful oil


Although there are other floral fragrances in the market, kewra oil has something very unique, refreshing, soothing and extraordinary, which many users have revealed through their reviews and comments. Its applications are increasing day by day as manufacturers are trying their level best to render versatility to it. Because of its versatility, it has achieved a widespread use.  It is used in several herbal medicines in its purest form so that it benefits you in longer terms.


Kewra oil can leave a rejuvenating effect on your mind and soul; therefore it is cultivated throughout the world. Apart from medicine, it is immensely used for flavoring various sweet dishes. Being part of different scented products, it is widely exported abroad where it is used in aromatherapy. 


Good for antiseptic use
Since a way back, I was looking for Kewra oil as someone suggested me to use it on regular basis for antiseptic use, so I placed an order with this website. Now, what my opinion about it is that it can really do wonders to alleviate various skin ailments.

By William
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Have good aromatherapy properties
I was searching for unadulterated and pure Kewra oil for its excellent fixative property. My friend who was already using it in aromatherapy treatment advised me to purchase it from this website.
By Martin
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As it is appreciated by various customers for its mesmerizing and fresh fragrance, kewra oil is extensively used in cosmetic and food industry.  It is abundantly used in food flavor preparation & perfumes and is also recommended for culinary uses.  It can also be used for the production of Kewra water to a very large extent. 
If you want to unearth its more applications and uses, you can consult the physicians. The therapeutic uses of kewra oil are such that they could not be expressed in words, unless you start using it. It helps in stabilizing various numerous body functions. It leaves a pleasant effect on your body and rejuvenates skin from deep inside. Some people claim that it has energizing, healing and stimulating effect on various organs of the body. 
It is a boon for various skin ailments; therefore it is incredibly very good constituent of very high quality skin care products.


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Kewra Oil

Kewra Oil

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