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Croton Oil

Botanical Name:

Croton tiglium Linn.

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Methods Of Extraction:

Cold Pressed

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Croton Oil

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Botanical Name

Croton tiglium Linn.

Method of Extraction

Cold Pressed

Part Of Plant Used





Croton oil has been used to treat constipation in the traditional Chinese medicine. Due to its highly toxic and violent irritant nature, it can be used as drastic purgative and counter irritant in humans.  

Strength of Aroma



Yellow to light brown


The use of croton oil as a drug was originated in China. But, during the 16th century, it was introduced to the Dutch by the west.

Aromatic Scent

It has an acrid and unpleasant aroma.


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Croton oil is extracted from the seeds of Croton tiglium linn by using the process of cold pressing. This tree actually belongs to the natural order Euphorbiales and the family of Euphorbiaceae. Croton tiglium is a tree whose origin land is Malay Archipelago and India. This oil is also known as crotonoel. Its usage as a drug started in China. This oil has an intense purgative effect and it acts as an irritant that causes skin lesions and diarrhea. Yet, its irritant effect is beneficial as it acts as a counter-irritant that inflames one area (that particular area of the skin on which it is applied) of your skin in order to decrease the inflammation in another. This oil is really effective in treating constipation and some other bowel problems. As this oil is very toxic in nature, it should be used with more precautions and in small dosages. If it is taken in overdose, it can be extremely dangerous. It is recommended that women and children should avoid the use of this oil in any case.


Also, in the preparation of number of traditional Chinese medicines, croton oil is used as a significant ingredient in some of the liniments. This oil is even the source of phorbol which is an organic compound. Since, it has the caustic exfoliating effects on the skin; this oil is the source of rejuvenating chemical peels. In fact, it results into a strong reaction leading to regeneration and sloughing of skin if added with the solutions of phenol.


 Properties of Croton oil:


The color of this oil varies from yellow to light brown shade. Its aroma is pungent and is unpleasant. The chemical composition of Croton oil consists of esters (the glycerides of stearic, palmitic myristic, lauric and oleic acids) and croton resins. It blends well with lavender, rosemary, tea tree oils and patchouli.


Croton oil for constipation
For long, I suffered from the from the problem of constipation until my father suggested me to use Croton oil. Looking out to buy Croton oil, I placed an order with this pnline store. The oil came to be of good effect and thanks to the purity of their oil, I am in much relief now.

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Croton oil for glandular swellings
I was suffering from the problem of Glandular swellings and no medicines were having much effect on me. My doctor suggested me to seek the aid of Croton oil so, I ordered the same with this web store. The oil was very pure and it had an instant effect on me. The swellings were relieved to a great extent.
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Use as a purgative: Croton oil is really very effective in its role of a purgative mainly to treat constipation. It causes high bowel movements of watery stools within the duration of about 1 to 2 hours.


Counter-irritant: This oil is used in the illnesses where one suffers from the problem of inflammation. In this condition, the oil is applied to some other parts of the body (not on the part which is affected from inflammation) in order to reduce the inflammation in the concerned area. Such illnesses are rheumatism, glandular swellings and bronchitis.


Facial peels: This oil is used as an active ingredient in many facial products like facial peels. And these products are basically phenol based. Plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other practitioners use the varying amount of Croton oil in order to give specific treatments for different areas and for different patients. 

The significance of Croton Oil


Croton oil is the essential oil that is used on a world wide scale for its prominent usages as a counter irritant and as a purgative. The counter irritant effect is useful in alleviating the inflammations while the purgative aspects are useful for the purpose of treating the problem of bowel. Croton oil can also be use as a stimulant for as it is an irritant by nature. You can buy croton oil on sale from

Croton oil-A counter irritant oil


Croton oil is one of the very effective oil in the illnesses caused due to rheumatism, glandular swellings and bronchitis. This oil is a very active ingredient in many facial products and is also used in phenol. It has yellow to light brown shade and has got unpleasant aroma. It blends with lavender, rosemary and patchouli oils. Croton oil is also used in specific treatments like plastic surgeries, dermatological treatments etc.


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Croton Oil

Croton Oil

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