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White Lotus attar- A true bless of nature

White lotus AttarThe attars are the gift of Mother Nature to mankind which is filled with the many therapeutic properties, due to which it is used for treating various health complications without causing any side effect. The traditional attars are the most effective way to achieve the healthy mind and body through natural way. Our Company, Camphor Oil Exporters is one of the eminent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of varied kinds of natural attars and essential oils. We are globally acclaimed for offering finest quality attars and natural oils at an economical cost along with reliable customer satisfaction services. 

The white Lotus attar is one of the traditional attars, which is known for its captivating aroma and innumerable health benefits. This traditional attar is derived from the flowers of white lotus by practicing steam distillation process. The white lotus plant is also known by the name of Nelumbo nucifera and belongs to the family of Nymphaeaceae.  It is a beautiful aquatic flower which is found mainly in ponds & stagnant water and is originated from the land of Tamil Nadu in India. White lotus is the symbol of purity, divinity, love and innocence. This traditional perfume oil possesses amazing therapeutic properties such as aphrodisiac, insomniac, Tonic, etc which are highly beneficial for treating the various health complications.    

Significant uses of pure white Lotus perfume oil are listed below-:

  • This wonderful attar is known for its pleasing floral aroma due to which it is in high demand in perfumeries. It is extensively used in the formation of perfumes and other aromatic products such as massage oils, soaps, lotions and many more.
  •  It is enriched with the soothing and relaxing properties which is very helpful in eliminating depression, stress and other mental exhaustion related problems. This perfume oil is mixed with other essential oils and extensively used in various aromatherapy techniques to soothe your mind as well as body. 
  •  Nowadays, due to the busy work schedules and stressed lifestyle, many people are facing the several sexual problems. This attar comprises the aphrodisiac agent which is helpful in curing sexual problems.
  • It works as a perfect tonic which is used for treating various health troubles such as diarrhea, dyspepsia, dysentery and general debility. It has also positive results in treatment of gastrointestinal and jaundice.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of natural white lotus attar then Camphor oil exporters is the best place to shop.  We serve superior quality attars and essential oils which are free from chemical preservatives and adulteration. So, place your order and enjoy our hassle free door step services. 

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White lotus Attar

White lotus Attar

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