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We love Camomile Roman essential oil

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Camomile Roman essential oil….

The sweet apple like scent of chamomile is beautiful in small doses as it can become sickening if over used or in too high a quantity in one particular blend.  Unlike its sister chamomile german, roman is a clear straw-like shade with no medicinal aroma althought that doesn’t mean it is not equally therapeutic.

Why do we love Camomile Roman

The main reason I love this oil is due to the peaceful beauty of the plant.  The flower looks like little daisy’s with larger white petals and subtle yellow centers.  Camomile is the type of flower you image to decorate the meadows of Germany France or Spain. The visual of the flower itself is calming and reflects the benefits of the plant.

Therapeutic properties of chamomile Roma

Allergies in particular hay fever and sinus can be eased by Chamomile Roman as can PMT and other abdominal discomfort from gall stones to constipation.  For skin it can calm an itch or heal irritated skin and it is very useful when treating chicken pox to kill the itch and therefore prevent scarring.  Camomile Roman is the perfect oil for calming children when in pain, over tired, teething suffering colic or just irritable.  1 drop on their pillow or blanket and they will rest peacefully just in time for you to have a camomile tea to help calm your nerves and settle your mind.

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Frankincense Oil

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